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Imagine what the world would be like if feminist leaders gathered to collaboratively reimagine and transform our organizations and communities

Club Fruition is a collaborative online space where feminist leaders connect, learn strategies to create change in our organizations and communities, and mobilize to enact our bold visions for a flourishing world where everyone feels safe, welcome, and fulfilled.

Feminist leaders are stronger together. Let’s connect and create change!

Liberate your creative brilliance as a feminist leader

  • Envision creative solutions to complex problems and redefine what is possible for your organization and community

  • Confidently and creatively embody the feminist leader you know the world needs to inspire trust, connection, and engagement

  • Use your passions and strengths to create tangible and sustainable change

  • Creatively engage in your life, work, and community to spark change while maintaining values such as inclusiveness, equity, and sustainability

  • Feel more inspired, creative, resilient, and powerful as a feminist leader

  • Develop your capacity for imagination and visioning

Connect and collaborate with other feminist leaders

  • Have meaningful conversations and develop authentic relationships with other feminist leaders

  • Share your insights and experiences to collaborate and create change

  • Get feedback on your ideas and benefit from the collective experience and wisdom of other members

  • Share resources and be inspired by each other’s work

  • Collaboratively explore problems, ideas, and solutions

Shift relationships, policies, procedures, and culture 

  • Understand how oppression is created and reproduced within organizations–and develop strategies to transform these dynamics

  • Promote strategic but compassionate thinking and collaboration within your organization and community

  • Create an inclusive, equitable work culture where everyone has a sense of purpose and fulfillment and nobody feels disconnected, marginalized, or patronized

  • Promote cohesion without expectations of conformity

  • Create a resilient organization that is full of vibrant energy and creativity 

Apply feminist theories and frameworks in your daily leadership practice

  • Feel more curious and playful as you engage with differences and complexity

  • Replace or complement ranking and ordering practices with nuance, patterns, and connections 

  • Create change by liberating possibilities and embracing uncertainty

  • Notice, question, critique, deconstruct, and transform the normativity of masculinity and patriarchy in groups and organizations

  • Embed feminism into your daily decision making and leadership practice 

Feminist leaders making positive change

How it Works

At Club Fruition, you’ll find resources, strategies, fun activities, and other feminist leaders who share your passion for making our world more compassionate, resilient, and welcoming. You can visit Club Fruition 24/7 from your web browser or download our app. We'll send you email updates to keep you on track.

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Club Fruition New Member Guidebook

Welcome Center

We have a welcome center where you can get a tour of Club Fruition, learn about our resources, meet our facilitator and other new members, and ask questions. Each new member also gets a New Member Guidebook with information about Club Fruition and tips for success. 

Learning and Action

At Club Fruition, we learn how to integrate feminist concepts into our daily leadership practice. our facilitator shares lots of original resources that you can’t find anywhere else to help you develop your feminist leadership skills and knowledge. In addition to structured learning, there are opportunities to learn through informal conversation, resource sharing, and games.

Cafés for Your Special Interests

Club Fruition has several special interest cafés where you can ask questions, get support, and share resources with others who share your passion. In addition to cafés based on location, we have groups for specific types of organizations and interests.

Connect with Other Members

You can easily find other members who do similar work, share your interests, and live near you for meaningful conversations and collaboration. 

Resource Sharing

Never miss a great idea, opportunity, or resource. Our team curates research, insights, and practical tools to guide and support your understanding and practice of feminist leadership. You can also share resources like articles, jobs, and conferences with other members.

Our community builds on the work of many leaders, thinkers, and activists. At Club Fruition, we learn about and discuss their ideas, tap into our collective insight and wisdom, and practice applying what we learn to our daily lives as leaders – in a fun and playful way – alongside supportive friends who share our curiosity and passion for creating a better world.

How We're Different

We practice feminism and leadership in inclusive and integrative ways. Our integrative approach to feminism includes and expands beyond intersectional analysis. Our community practices feminism, anti-racism, and de/transcolonialism as part of a greater whole. We value interconnectedness and welcome multiple ways of thinking, sensing, doing, and being.


It’s more than professional development. You’ll get access to tons of new resources, ideas, and strategies. But unlike courses and webinars where you are left to implement what you learned on your own, our members discuss what they learned, practice putting new learning into action in a supportive community, collaborate on projects, get feedback from other members, and share successes with the group.


You don't need to pass a feminist litmus test. No matter where you are on your feminist journey, you are welcome to learn and dream alongside us. Our group is strengthened by diverse perspectives and experiences. 


We believe that feminism should feel good. We offer a stimulating but unpretentious and welcoming atmosphere where you can learn while developing meaningful connections with others and having fun. Our community centers and is energized by inclusion, curiosity, generosity, and healing.


We’re always open. Club Fruition is open 24/7, whenever you need us, to ask questions, share resources, and connect with other members.

Gathering of Feminist Leaders

In our creative community, we learn about, discuss, and practice applying concepts including:

  • Dismantling and transforming all forms of oppression 

  • Promoting equity, inclusion, and belonging 

  • Decentering white, male, cisgender, able-bodied, heterosexual normativity to honor and uplift all people

  • Crossing and transforming borders

  • Building community 

  • Developing meaningful relationships based on complex similarities and differences

  • Prioritizing self-care

  • Using power, authority, and privilege effectively

  • Moving beyond linear and binary logic in leadership

  • Facilitating sustainable organizational and community change

  • Articulating possibilities to provoke and influence change

  • Using diverse approaches to feminist leadership

  • Practical application of feminist principles to daily leadership practice

Our Community is for Feminist Leaders Who...

  • Are ready and able to take action to create a more equitable, inclusive, resilient, welcoming, and beautiful world

  • Want to share resources and have stimulating conversations with other feminist leaders

  • Are open to engaging in critical but compassionate self-reflection and learning

  • Believe it is important to acknowledge and deconstruct current realities while also imagining and working toward what is possible

  • Want to explore feminist leadership in a fun and lighthearted way and recognize the power of learning and practicing in a playful, creative community

  • Crave intellectual stimulation in an unpretentious and welcoming atmosphere

  • Are caring, compassionate, empathetic, and optimistic–but not afraid to question or challenge the status quo

  • Consistently look for ways to make our organizations and communities even better

Meet Our Facilitator


Hi, I'm Jessica R. Dreistadt, Ph.D., the founder, organizer, facilitator, and connector at Club Fruition. I serve as a creative accomplice and guide as our members learn about and practice feminist leadership. Here's a little about me:

  • more than 20 years of leadership and teaching experience

  • founding director of The Fruition Coalition

  • author of 11 books about leadership and social change 

  • earned a Ph.D. in Organizational Leadership from Eastern University - my dissertation was called Portraits of Women Leaders: Solidarity and Social Division in Progressive Social Movement Organizations


Frequently Asked Questions

How much leadership experience do I need?

Feminist leaders with all levels of experience (and people who aspire to be feminist leaders!) are welcome.


What happens after I join?

After you join, you can set up a profile and visit our welcome center where you will receive a new member guidebook and other resources with all of the information you need to successfully participate in the community. After that, you'll check in at least once a week to get updates, connect with other members, and continue progressing toward your leadership goals.


How long have you been around? 

Club Fruition is a new project of The Fruition Coalition, which was founded in 2001. 


Since this is a feminist space, what is your policy on men? 

We are a gender inclusive space that is open to all people who consider themselves feminist leaders. While all genders are welcome, patriarchy is not.


How much time does Club Fruition take?

We suggest our members spend at least one hour per week at Club Fruition – on your schedule. This small amount of time can make a big difference! We encourage our members to be actively involved; Club Fruition can be your ‘go to’ spot for information and inspiration related to feminist leadership. The amount of time you spend at Club Fruition is totally up to you–we’re open 24/7!


How do I cancel my membership?

You can cancel anytime from within your account.


Is the content moderated?

We welcome posts from our members within our community guidelines. We review posts to ensure that our community maintains a welcoming environment and stays focused on our group goals.


What's your cancellation policy?

We encourage you to try Club Fruition for one month to see if it is right for you. You can cancel at any time. We do not offer refunds. 

Join us for Feminism, Friendship, and Fun at Club Fruition!

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